Over the past forty years we’ve been asked many questions about individual projects, and here are some of the most frequent ones:

How much will it cost to cast my project?

Every project is unique, and many aspects contribute to the overall cost of casting your sculpture. For example, complex sculptures may require more finishing and assembly time. Even a relatively simple construction may require more finishing. Nevertheless, the best way to get started on an estimate for your project is to send us a picture with a description of its height and width. If you would like us to estimate how much it will cost to cast and finish your project either call or send an email to larry@stevensartfoundry.com. A complete list of the services we provide is on our capabilities page.

I have an idea for a sculpture, but I don’t know where to start.

You don’t necessarily need to be an artist to create a sculpture. We maintain relationships with many sculptors who bring your idea or concept to fruition. If you need help to make your idea a reality please visit our find a sculptor page.

Do you bronze baby shoes?

No we don’t. Items like baby shoes are bronzed via a process known as electroplating, which is also how metal parts are coated with a dissimilar metal – chrome automobile bumpers are one example. Stevens Art Foundry does not have the ability to electroplate any item.

Where are you located?

We are located north of San Antonio, Texas at 31806 Bartels Rd. Our complete physical, mailing, and email addresses, including a map to our location, are found on our contact page.



Pouring Molten Bronze into a Mold

Bronze Casting Process

This page provides a pictorial guide to the entire bronze casting process. Although it is accurate, it does not adequately show the amount of work and time each step in the process requires. Step 1: The Original Artwork Our artisans begin by studying the sculpture to determine how to section, or “lay up” the original …

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Maintenance, Repair, and Conservation

Under Construction. Please Check Back Soon.

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Here is an example of multiple colors used in a patina.


Patinas are applied to bronze sculptures using various chemical solutions, which react with the surface to form a thin layer of color. However, a patina is not analogous to painting or staining the bronze metal because as the chemicals are applied it actually creates a chemical reaction with the metal. In other words, a patina …

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