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Stevens Art Foundry has grown dramatically from its humble beginnings in the early 1970’s. Over the past forty years, we have cast and placed sculptures and monuments all over the United States and the European continent. Our success stems from three key elements: attention to detail throughout the molding, casting, and finishing process, our ability to embrace the artist’s own vision by working closely with them, and the skill, dedication, and perseverance of our own artisans – many of which have been with us for over fifteen years.

All of the finished sculptures and monuments produced by Stevens Art Foundry, from small tabletop pieces to larger than life figures, while originally forged in the fire of the artist’s mind and vision, come to fruition in the hands of our artisans.

Foundry work is not glamorous. It’s hot, dirty, and tedious. Only those who love the art form can bring an artist’s original vision into reality, and everyone at Stevens Art Foundry loves what they do. More importantly, it shows in the finished piece.

Simply put, although everything we make was forged in the mind’s eye of the artist – we cast a little bit of ourselves into every finished piece.

The links below provide more information about our range of services:

If you are a sculptor and need to have your artwork cast.

We work with many different types of sculptors, and have cast a wide variety of artwork. Although we regularly work with recognized sculptors, many of our clients are first-time sculptors with little or no experience transforming their model into bronze. Whether you need to have your first sculpture cast, or you are a seasoned professional, Stevens Art Foundry provides the same attention to detail and workmanship necessary to produce stunning bronze models/art/figures. To request information about your project please visit our sculptor’s information page.

Family Owned and Operated

Stevens Art Foundry is not the biggest foundry in Texas, but we can do big things. We can produce large runs of table-top models, but we’ve also produced a series of monuments over 12 feet tall. More importantly, our size allows us to oversee your project with exacting attention to detail not found in larger foundries, and our smaller footprint means less overhead, which makes our prices very competitive. For a complete list of the services we offer, please visit our capabilities page.

Past Projects

Stevens Art Foundry has created many monuments that have been placed all over America and Europe. For a description of some of our favorite projects please visit our notable projects page.

Learn How Metal Sculptures are Made

Transforming a clay or wax model into bronze involves many steps, each of which plays a critical function to ensure the finished piece adheres to the sculptor’s original vision. To learn more about molding, casting, and finishing  a bronze please visit our molding and casting page.

Sculptors We’ve Worked With

Stevens Art Foundry is honored to work with some remarkable sculptors who produce a wide variety of work. To see a list of some of the artists who have trusted their work with us over the past four decades please visit our featured sculptors page.

Recent Work

To see  a sample of some of the projects we have recently worked on please visit our gallery.

Items for Sale

Although we primarily produce other sculptor’s original work, working with so many great artists gets our own creativity flowing, and we occasionally create our own items. To see some of our items currently for sale, please visit our items for sale page.

Information for Sculptors

There are ways to reduce the cost of your next bronze We work very hard to reproduce your model accurately, whether you are a seasoned professional sculptor or casting your very first sculpture. More importantly, we also try to create your mold(s) and sculpture as economically as possible without sacrificing any quality in the finished …

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Our Capabilities

Stevens Art Foundry is a full service foundry specializing in bronze casting. However, we also cast silver and other metals if required – please contact us for details if your project requires alternative metal casting. Additionally, we can scale any sculpture. In other words, we can enlarge or reduce your original art while keeping every …

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Featured Sculptors

Steven’s Art Foundry works with sculptors with a wide range of talent and subject matter. Although the majority of the sculptors we cast for are recognized either nationally or regionally, we also work with sculptors who are casting their first piece. After all, every notable artist was originally a beginner too. Below are just a …

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Find a Sculptor

Have an idea but don’t know where to start? For example, although the original design of the Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial included multiple bronzes, and all of the other construction elements of the project had been assigned to contractors, the project hadn’t found a sculptor to execute bronzes which were a key element of the …

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