Jerry McKenna

Jerry McKenna, 73, began dabbling in bronze statues when he was 42. Ten years later, after retiring from the Air Force, he decided to “go pro” and pursue a career as a full-time sculptor. Today, the prolific artist has placed statues and monuments throughout America and the rest of the world.

Twenty-eight of his sculptures are scattered across the campus of the University of Notre Dame, which happens to be his alma mater, and almost thirty of his busts are installed in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio – including Lawrence Taylor, Lynn Swann, and Tony Dorsett. McKenna’s portfolio also includes the well-known tableau in Alton, Ill, which depicts the famous Lincoln vs. Douglas debate, along with numerous religious and military sculptures.

Stevens Art Foundry is honored to have cast all of Mckenna’s bronzes, and the relationship continues today with his latest larger-than-life bronze scheduled to be cast in early 2012.

For more information on Jerry McKenna’s life and work please visit his website.



[img src=]350Virgin with Child
[img src=]90Veterans Memorial side 2
[img src=]70Veterans Memorial side 1
[img src=]80The Pick
[img src=]20The Lincoln Douglas Debate
[img src=]30St. Joseph with young Christ
[img src=]20Rev. Charles E. Sheedy
[img src=]30Paul Anderson
[img src=]20Ollie Walsh
[img src=]30Mother Theodore Guerin
[img src=]60Monsignor Ignatius Mcdermott
[img src=]20Major Fernando Ribas Dominicci
[img src=]10Lou holtz
[img src=]40Lawrence Taylor
[img src=]50Major General Doyle E. Larson USAF, Retired
[img src=]90Knute Rockne Bust
[img src=]50Knute Rockne
[img src=]80Kathleen
[img src=]130Joseph Brown
[img src=]40Jack Brickhouse
[img src=]50General Thomas M. Ryan, Jr.
[img src=]20General Billy Mitchell
[img src=]50The four Horsemen
[img src=]40Elroy Crazylegs Hirsch
[img src=]50Edward Walter Moose Krause
[img src=]10Dr. Raymond R Simpson
[img src=]50Dr. Gertrude Barber
[img src=]30Dan Devine
[img src=]150Crucifix
[img src=]20Coach Barry Alvarez
[img src=]40Charles A Comiskey
[img src=]100Coach Ara Parseghian
[img src=]70Johnny Lujack
Johnny Lujack
[img src=]80Dave Casper
[img src=]60Coach Frank Leahy
[img src=]80Bill Sudeck