Rob Logan

Bronze Sculpture "Released" by Rob Logan

"Released" by Rob Logan

Rob Logan has been drawing and painting most of his life.  Early in his career, he painted mostly birds.  Then in 1973, he visited an exhibit of Harry Jackson’s Sculpture at the Art Museum of South Texas.  He was inspired to turn to sculpture to present a more realistic representation of his subjects.  He has drawn inspiration from his many hours fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast where he has lived his entire life.  Most of Rob’s bronzes depict fish, sea and wildlife of the South Texas area.

Rob has had a long and happy working relationship with Stevens Art Foundry.  It began many years ago.  Then, it was re-established 12 years ago when Rob retired from his job of 35 years and started sculpting full time.  Since that time, Stevens Foundry has cast over 30 bronzes for him.  Rob’s bronzes are known for their intricate detail of his subjects—a fact which probably creates a few headaches for Stevens and company.  However, they always manage to come through with a beautiful end result. Rob’s customers are especially impressed with the colorful patinas that Larry produces for his fish.

Rob has worked extensively with groups such as CCA of Texas and other conservation groups, donating bronzes for their fundraising banquets.  Most of his patrons are fishermen and hunters from all over Texas and other parts of the country.  Please visit his website to see more of his work (

Rob Logan’s work: