Information for Sculptors

There are ways to reduce the cost of your next bronze

We work very hard to reproduce your model accurately, whether you are a seasoned professional sculptor or casting your very first sculpture. More importantly, we also try to create your mold(s) and sculpture as economically as possible without sacrificing any quality in the finished piece. Although reducing costs can be difficult to accomplish, the experience of our artisans allows them mold, cast, assemble, and patina your sculpture as efficiently as possible while keeping the integrity of your original vision intact.

Consequently, even if you already have a quote to cast your current project, or you just need a bid to compare how competitive your current foundry is, consider letting Stevens Art Foundry quote you a price. You might be surprised. It doesn’t cost anything, and their is no commitment and no strings attached.

How to request a quote

To calculate an estimate for how much it will cost to create your sculpture, please send a description of your project including the following information:

  • The dimensions LxHxW
  • Several pictures taken from a few perspectives.
  • Any other information you think might be relevant to your project

Please note: although we try to be as accurate as possible, the final cost will be confirmed after we examine the original sculpture.

To use our handy form to request a quote for your project you can use our estimate request form. Otherwise, send the information and photographs to, or to speak to someone directly call (830) 980-2818.