Molding and Casting

Silicone rubber molds ready for application of the shell

There are many materials used by foundries to make a mold from a sculptor’s original model, and each material has different characteristics. For example, some materials used for molds transfer details better than others,  while other materials are more durable than their counterparts, which limits the number of pieces that can be cast before a new mold is needed.

Stevens Art Foundry only uses 100% silicon rubber for every mold it makes. Although there are less expensive alternatives, the advantages of silicon rubber molds offset the slight increase in cost. Specifically, silicon rubber molds last many years beyond the expectations and needs of the molds, which allows additional pieces or runs to be cast without needing to create a new mold. More importantly, silicon rubber reproduces the finest detail of your original sculpture, and remains true to the artist’s original representation.

For an illustrated guide to the entire molding and casting process please visit our casting process page.