Dec 18

How to Create a Bronze Sculpture

Bronze sculpture of a Cape Buffalo by Paul Tadlock

Bronze sculpture of a Cape Buffalo by Paul Tadlock

Although creating a bronze sculpture seems like an arduous process, it really isn’t that difficult. Unfortunately, although there are a number of pages online that explain the bronze casting process, typically it is described with terminology that makes the method sound more complicated than it actually is. Even our own description of the bronze casting process includes terminology which may be unfamiliar to the uninitiated. In both cases an explanation of how the sculpture itself  is created is left out.

Thankfully, one of Stevens Art Foundry’s favorite sculptors, Paul Tadlock, explains how a bronze sculpture is created, from a preliminary sketch to the actual pouring of the bronze, in the short video below. Paul Tadlock is one of many gifted sculptors in the Texas Hill Country, and to view more of his work please visit our Paul Tadlock page.