Texas Ranger Monument

Texas Ranger Statue in front of the Texas Ranger Museum

The Texas Ranger by Don Hunt is 1 1/2 times life-size.

The public artwork, Texas Ranger, which celebrates the heritage of the Texas Rangers, was donated to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame in April 2009. The sculpture is installed permanently at the entrance of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum to commemorate the museum’s 40th anniversary. The donors of the impressive monument were Betsy and Clifton Robinson.

Noted San Antonio artist Don Hunt executed the larger-than-life sculpture, which depicts a 19th century Texas Ranger on horseback.  Stevens Art Foundry was honored to cast the bronze for the celebrated sculptor, who passed unexpectedly in early 2011 after a routine surgical procedure. His presence as a western artist will be missed.

Byron Johnson, director of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, said Hunt would be remembered for two things: “he had a sense of humor and a real dedication to his art; it wasn’t something he took lightly. Additionally, he was really interested in accuracy. A lot of artists will portray things in Texas or the American West and get all the details wrong…Don got them right.”

He certainly got everything right on this monument, and we are proud to have helped him transform his vision of this project into reality.