Nov 01

Have you been commissioned to create a monument?

Congratulations. We hope…

Texas Ranger statue at the Waco Museum cast and finished by Stevens Art Foundry

Being awarded a commission, or having one assigned, is an exciting emotional experience for any artist. However, after the initial celebratory glee wanes, reality sets in and the gravity of the project begins to descend. Project deadlines, meetings, and media inquiries all represent challenges for any artist whose primary aim is create art. That is if you are an artist.

Commissioned monuments are also delegated to accomplished business people who function admirably in the shark-infested seas of modern business, yet have scant knowledge of how monumental art bronzes are created. Either way, each situation places the responsibility of  creating a large public artwork on a person who faces challenges beyond their usual expertise.

At Stevens Art Foundry we understand the significance, and the corresponding pressure, of being commissioned to create a monumental bronze. Typically, monumental bronzes will last beyond our own lifespans, and will be seen millions of people. It will also be compared and critiqued against other monuments created by recognized sculptors.

Consequently, if you have been granted a commission to produce a monumental bronze and have any doubts about how to execute the project give us a call or send us an email. Stevens Art Foundry’s artisans have the talent and energy to see your project to its completion. We understand scheduling and deadlines. We understand the difficult and complex task of creating public works of art, and can help you in every aspect of the process. We’ve worked with artists, sculptors and project managers on a vast array of life-sized and larger than life-sized monuments over the past four decades. Please visit our notable projects page to see just a few of the monuments we have successfully placed all over the United States. If you like what you see, contact us or drop by the foundry and learn how the right foundry can make your commission a reality.


Oct 31

We’re bigger than you think

Texas A&M bonfire memorial

The Bonfire Memorial at Texas A&M

Frankly, Stevens Art Foundry isn’t the biggest foundry in the Lone Star State, and we like it that way. Our clients do too. Being small allows our clients to interact personally with our artisans, but not being the biggest hasn’t prevented us from doing big things. Many of our new clients are surprised to learn that we have placed bronze monuments all over the United States and Europe. For example, Stevens Art Foundry placed two monuments in post 911 New York City. Other locations where we have placed monuments include Los Angeles, Chicago, and the University of Notre Dame.

Being small hasn’t prevented us from doing big things either. All of the placements at the locations listed previously were at least life size, and a couple of them were larger than life. We’ve also made many larger than life size monuments in Texas. Examples in Texas examples include the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, the University of Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M – just to name a few. Moreover, many of the projects we have cast were placed internationally. Selected examples of our international work are located in Germany, Norway, and Japan.

No we’re not the biggest art foundry in Texas, but we might be the foundry with the biggest ideas. For a list of some of our bigger projects visit our notable projects page.


Oct 31

Who We Are

molten bronze cools in several different molds

Molten bronze cools in several different molds just after a pour.

Thirty-five years have passed and Stevens Art Foundry is still located at its original location in Bulverde, Texas in the Texas Hill Country. During that period, we’ve been fortunate to work with many exceptional artists, and we thank them for entrusting their visions, sculptures, and friendship with us. We have also been fortunate to have been recognized as one of the top bronze foundries in Texas, and many of our clients have been recognized at national and international levels.

Although the majority of our clients are sculptors, we also have in-house artisans who are sculptors themselves – most of whom have been with us for decades.  They too have exceptional talent, and have created sculptures of every size imaginable. If you have an idea for a bronze, but are reluctant to mold the clay with your own hands, we can help you find a sculptor to make your idea become bronze.


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